our product.

a podcast that inspires curiosity for expanding knowledge across a wide range of topics. there are aspects of the brand that extend beyond just the episodes we publish. we integrate with other compelling individuals and embrace their valuable insights. welcome to highly inspired!

our goal.

is to ignite a spark of interest in our audience to investigate the world's multifaceted elements. we encourage thoughtful conversation, within the framework of free speech, that leads to casual, yet profound dialogue. we view podcasting as a positive alternative to the many surface-level, fast-paced, and censored forms of media that we interact with in our daily lives. we hope to establish a space for individuals who gravitate to the world of ideas.

our values.

be a generalist
diversify your interests, there’s a lot to explore
be optimistic
why waste time being negative?
be mindful
No need to think outside the box, realize there is no box
be a skeptic
question everything, trust your brain
be authentic
Keep doing you, you’re dope :)