Welcome to Entries!

Welcome to Entries!

Highly Inspired

Hi there! Welcome to our "Entries" section!


This is the first-ever entry posted on the site, and it will remain the roadmap for Highly Inspired's original vision for the overall execution.


We have always respected the concept of blogs but we have felt a bit limited by them, therefore we have decided to do something a little different. As depicted in our podcast episodes, we care about covering all types of topics because we believe that paying attention to as much as we can is hugely beneficial to our general education, identity connection, and synthesis with the world around us.


“Entries” will be a place for all ideas, whether it takes the form of words, art, music the list goes on. The freedom that comes with these “Entries” provides an intimate environment for publishing the works of quality individuals, guests whom we have on the show, and our personal pieces as well. We have always loved to write and create, and this gives us an outlet to share our work instead of letting documents sit in our phone notes for years and years.


Stating it here and now, Entries will be a hub for various topics without any filtration or strict guidelines. Recent years of the internet have allowed media giants to penetrate social platforms and with thousands of sources of content, making it tough to navigate. These entries will have no oversaturation, no conflicting opinions, no censorship... just pure authenticity.


These entries will showcase investigation, research, thought-provoking questions, and maybe a hint of advice (but who knows we’ll see). After all, aren't these things you'd want to gather from a human-written article? It won't be long until media outlets have robots typing all of their headlines and breaking news stories. What happens then? Personally, I'd rather not read content indexed by A.I. and stay true to absorbing insights from down-to-earth people. Highly Inspired is a brand that embraces truth, tradition, and even the little things in life; yet, we are fascinated by revolutionary ideas, exploration, and forward-thinking. We truly believe there can be a blend of both old-school and unconventional mindsets at the same time.


Our goal with the podcast has been to create an ideal way to publish worthy written content in a more thoughtful way than doing so on social media and now we want to share that same opportunity with you! We will both continue to publish the written works that we feel readers can potentially learn from, gain from, and grow from. Thank you so much for reading stay inspired!



Jordan & Ella


If you want to submit your work for review please submit here!

E: highlyinspiredpodcast@gmail.com