Meet the Minds Behind the Merch

Meet the Minds Behind the Merch

Ella McFarland

This has been a long time coming folks, after conceptualizing the simple design of these shirts several months ago, Jordan and I could not be more excited to share these shirts with you! 

When I first had the vision, these shirts needed to be hand embroidered and made in the U.S. I had no idea where to start to get these shirts made. Hand embroidery has become such a lost art in recent decades. Honestly the only people I thought who knew how to embroidery are probably all dead now. Luckily I had recalled seeing two of my oldest friend’s Instagram posts about their quarantine embroidery projects. I was in shock. What were the odds that two girls from my kindergarten class knew how to embroider? 

I was so excited to connect with Karly and Kassidy on this project, and thankfully, they agreed to help us out and produced our Casual Mark Tees. 

Not only do we want to embrace shopping and producing locally as a brand, but we envision cross-collaboration with friends to complete projects. The goal is have the Highly Inspired community grow alongside its partners and friends. We want to showcase our friends' talents alongside our own brand. 

Hopefully this story is an inspiration to you, that you don’t need fancy or commercially made items to have a product. It's all about the quality of the people involved in the project. With that being said, I wanted to give Kassidy and Karly a quick shoutout in this post to highlight their work and say thank you. They absolutely killed it! 

Here is some of their previous work below.

Kassidy's Work:

Karly's Work: