Ella McFarland

I distinctly remember being invited to one of my best friends, Chloe’s house for the afternoon to what I thought was a casual day of tanning and sipping beers. To my surprise, when I arrived, there was an entire band set up and a crowd of people laying in the grass getting ready to hear some band called “NOMO” (North Morlan) play. 

I had no expectations going into it, but once the music started, I was blown away and shocked to hear these guys in the band were Sophomores just like me. At that moment, I was instantly inspired and was a few white claws in and felt the impulsive need to text my friends, including Megan, to come and see this band. We were dancing and happy, and who would have guessed less than a year later, Megan would join the NOMO family as their manager (and band mom). 

From then on, NOMO has grown to be a massive part of my Chapman Experience. My friends and I have spent some of our favorite nights drinking and dancing to NOMO classics like Yoyatsu. 

Throughout my years at Chapman, NOMO has been one of the leaders growing the cross-collaboration events between different Chapman artists, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs. My goal is to continue highlighting more Chapman friend’s projects that I have drawn inspiration from through a series of future entries. 

Below is a little bio about the band and links to their music.

Hope you enjoy :) 

North Morlan is a groovy alternative rock band based in Orange County. They have over 20 originals, a variety of covers, and can play any requests. The quartet is composed of Jason MacMillan (vocals, guitar), Jack Kimber (vocals, guitar), Naveed Farhadi (vocals, bass), and Ethan Ganouna (drums). NOMO’s music culminated in four friends of different musical tastes and backgrounds, drawn together through a deep love of music and storytelling. 

Website: www.northmorlanband.com

Spotify: 3Syq5u7SdSRuUM2TXUg83A 

Apple Music: 1455870613

Cover art by: Anya Carolyn

Website: https://www.karocrafts.com/