Gold - Mining Trends, Investing, and Geology

Gold - Mining Trends, Investing, and Geology

Joe Van Wyk

Mining. Not “marshmallow” mining like Bitcoin mining. The real stuff. The unsexy, hardcore, down and dirty, hard rock kinda stuff... It actually brings the bling without you even realizing it. It is blood, sweat, and tears; and many millions of years that smacks that gold or platinum, and diamond ring on your finger.

Geology is how it’s made. Mining is how it is extracted. Love, greed, wars, technological applications, and investment sentiments drive the supply and demand for it. The mining domain is a very interesting one, encapsulating everything from science and engineering, to political and social sciences, to finance and investments. There is a good chance that if you read this, you probably hold a device that is totally constructed from planet earth’s natural resources (metals and polymers, derived from petroleum), made over millions of years within the earth’s crust. Mother Earth herself played 100% apart for you to read this, listen to this, and for you to bling it.

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